Group Acquisitions

Obsequio Group is a privately held limited company with significant resources available to support the growth of the business. We have a strategy to create shareholder value through organic growth and by targeted acquisitions.

We target acquisition of service businesses that will increase our geographic footprint, broaden our service portfolio or provide access to a more diverse customer base. Further, we seek to acquire established compliance technology businesses that provide solutions across the fire and security, life safety, electrical, water and energy compliance sectors.

Many of our businesses were originally sourced from entrepreneurs seeking a new home for their company, businesses typically led by founders who had a wished to sell their business to an organisation that would protect their team, respect the history of their business and maintain the businesses culture.

Post-acquisition our businesses benefit from a decentralised group structure and independent management teams. We look to support acquired businesses through continued investment in the team, with management support and by introduction of improved business processes and technology.

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