Fire & Security Matters Awards 2024

Posted On 13.06.2024

Last night, some of the team at Obsequio Group had the pleasure of attending the 2024 Fire Safety Matters Awards at the CBS Arena in Coventry. While we came very close, it wasn’t the night for us to bring home an award, but being recognised among the industry’s best was a great honour and showcased our commitment to the fire safety industry and how we’re adopting innovation for a safer, more compliant environment.

We’re proud to say that among so many known industry names, we were nominated for several prestigious awards, highlighting our dedication to innovation and fire safety. The categories we were nominated in include:


Fire Safety Project of the Year (Drax Technology)

Fire Safety Team of the Year (CDS)

Fire Safety Woman of the Year (Nicki Prater, CDS)

ESG Company of the Year (CDS)


Being shortlisted for these awards really highlights our team’s hard work, both across our office team and our engineers servicing our clients, and we are incredibly proud of the projects and products that earned us these nominations.

Nicki Prater, Managing Director of CDS, says, “While I’m proud to be nominated for the individual award, it’s the efforts of the team we can put down to the reason we’re here. I’m excited to be representing the CDS business and celebrate the high standards of work that we have completed and that the team puts in day-in, day-out, from our engineers on the ground to our support teams across our offices throughout the UK.”

While we were unfortunate not to come away with any silverware, one of the highlights of the evening was congratulating our colleagues and partners across the industry. It was a tough lineup, and with record entries for this year’s event, we can only express our congratulations to all the winners.

Our nomination for Drax Technology and the Fire Safety Project of the Year was particularly significant, recognising our work at Exeter University. While we’re known for keeping buildings across multiple sectors safe and compliant, many similar to that of the CBS Arena Football Stadium, this project showcased the effective integration of our innovative solutions, such as SafeVue, AMX, and AMX Connect, within the educational sector.

Exeter University presented a unique challenge that required a tailored approach to fire safety management. Our team worked diligently to ensure that our solutions were seamlessly integrated into the university’s existing infrastructure. This included comprehensive training for the university’s facilities management team to ensure they could effectively use and maintain the new systems. The success of this project not only highlights our technical expertise but also our ability to collaborate closely with clients to meet their specific needs.

Congratulations to Advanced for their win of the Fire Safety Innovation of the Year award. This award is well-deserved, and we are proud to have partnered with Advanced on the development of their PC-Net system, which utilises Drax Technology. PC-Net, developed in collaboration with Advanced, is a powerful solution for fire safety management. This system allows for centralised monitoring and management of fire alarms across multiple sites, providing a comprehensive overview of fire safety status in real-time.

The FSM Awards provided a valuable opportunity to learn, network, and celebrate the advancements in our industry. Each nomination we received reinforces our commitment to innovation and excellence and allows us to continue bringing innovation to the sector. Looking ahead, Obsequio Group will continue to push the boundaries of fire safety technology. Our focus remains on delivering cutting-edge solutions and a service delivery that ensures the highest standards of safety and compliance for our clients. We are proud of our achievements and excited for the future innovations we will bring to the industry.

Once again, congratulations to all the winners at the Fire Safety Matters Awards. Your contributions to fire safety are invaluable, and we are honoured to be a part of what is becoming a very forward-thinking industry. Thank you to everyone at FSM for hosting another successful event, and we look forward to next year’s awards.

Obsequio Group remains one of the UK’s leading technology partners in protecting businesses and life safety, along with evidencing building and life safety compliance. We are committed to innovation and excellence, ensuring that our clients receive the best in fire alarm monitoring and safety management solutions. We look forward to continuing our journey, driving forward with new projects and initiatives that uphold our mission to create safer environments for all. Here’s to another year of innovation, collaboration, and excellence in fire safety and hopefully next year we’ll be topping up our trophy cabinet.

Take a look at some of the great work we’re doing not only at CDS and Drax Technology, but across the entire Obsequio Group:

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